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Almonds and nuts

Marcona almonds fried and salted

125 gr | 215 gr | 910 gr | 2,3 kg | 5 kg

Marcona Almonds are sometimes referred to as the “Queen of Almonds” and almost all of the production is from Spain. They are sweeter, fatter and rounder than the typical California variety. In Spain, they are usually blanched and then quickly sautéed in fresh extra virgin olive oil. When toasty brown, they are tossed with sea salt and served as a delicious snack.

Caramelized walnuts

2,3 kg | 5 kg

These Spanish walnuts are carefully candied to create a satisfying crunch and dark caramel flavor.

Valencia almonds fried and salted

125 gr | 215 gr | 910 gr | 2,3 kg | 5 kg

A perfect alternative to Marcona almonds if you are looking for a good product at a more competitive price.

Valencia almonds with Fine herbs

125 gr | 215 gr | 910 gr | 2,3 kg | 5 kg

Dried herbs and spice give these large fried Spanish Almonds just a little extra kick that makes them irresistible. Absolutely wonderful as a snack, but also a great addition to a cheese platter, a salad or when you bake a nut bread.

Valencia almonds with chocolate

2,3 kg | 5 kg

Authentic Spanish mediterranean almonds , which have a wonderfully sweet, delicate taste coated in dark chocolate.


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