Since 1998 delivering Spanish gourmet food worldwide

Foodservice & Retail

We meet the expectations of the most demanding customers, both in foodservice and retail

The best quality

Our commitment to quality is reflected in our products. We select the best products of Spain

The most famous Tapas

Our portfolio includes the best selection of Tapas

Spanish food Specialists

The key to success in foreign markets is tied to efficiency. To achieve so, expertise and best practices are necessary.
Atlantica not only delivers the best product from Spain to its customers overseas, it does so in a timely manner as well as complying with foreign regulations.
This goal is achieved based on our intense knowledge of exporting procedures coupled with the best transportation combinations possible.


Calle Rosal, 23, 4G
33009 Oviedo, Asturias


Phone: (+34) 985 203 449
Fax: (+34) 985 033 441

Con el objetivo de la consolidación de nuestra presencia en mercados internacionales estratégicos, ATLANTICA participa en el proyecto ‘FOMENTO DE LAS ACCIONES DE PROMOCIÓN INTERNACIONAL DE LA EMPRESA ASTURIANA’. A través del mismo durante 2018 ATLANTICA expone con éxito en las ferias internacionales IDBBA y FANCY FOOD, realizando acciones promocionales en FRESCO y MAS, así como viajes de prospección al mercado EEUU”.